Review: Frozen (2013)

Disney animation is at its best in Frozen, a beautiful tale of trust, loyalty and love like no other. Audiences of all ages will be enchanted by the beauty of this unique film full to the brim with comical moments and heartfelt morals.

Princesses Anna and Elsa are growing up together in the beautiful kingdom of Arendelle. Elsa has the power to create snow and ice but after she accidentally hurts Anna, the king and queen decide that it is in their daughters’ best interests to have them separated and all memories of Elsa’s powers erased from Anna’s mind.

Their parents tragically die at sea and years pass with little contact between the princesses until Elsa’s coronation. It is not long before chaos breaks out, culminating when, in a moment of anger, Elsa reveals her powers to the guests. She flees, leaving Arendelle in an eternal winter.  Accompanied by a snowman, a reindeer and a travelling ice salesman, Anna embarks on a journey to find Elsa and have the magic reversed.

Breaking the mould of the typical Disney film, Frozen serves as a relief from the clichéd and stereotypical stories we see so often these days. The screenplay, written by Jennifer Lee and inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen, has a depth that is unmatched by any other film of its kind.

Every time the audience starts to feel that they know where the plot might be headed, Lee makes sure that it goes in the exact opposite direction, much to the amazement of viewers expecting little more than a predictable children’s movie.

Veronica Mars’ Kristin Bell and Broadway star Idina Menzel provide the voices of Anna and Elsa, and sing the beautiful songs composed by Christophe Beck. Written with humorous lyrics and catchy tunes, the songs just beg to be sung along to. The pain of the ordeal is felt through not only both actresses but the whole cast.

Beautiful both visually and story-wise, this film will melt the coldest of hearts, and will undoubtedly become a classic that Walt Disney himself would have been proud of.

Rating: ★★★★

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